A Quick Guide to Keeping Your Winter Wedding Warm

Kian Brians December 23, 2016 Comments Off on A Quick Guide to Keeping Your Winter Wedding Warm
A Quick Guide to Keeping Your Winter Wedding Warm

Warming a winter wedding when it is to be held within the UK is important for the simple fact that England is not exactly a tropical country or even particularly warm one during the summer months. Then, here is a quick guide to keeping your winter wedding warm.

Why It Matters

Old, unwell or vulnerable guests such as those suffering common conditions such as raynaud’s syndrome (which can affect people of any age) are likely to suffer or even be unable to attend a winter wedding, especially one staged outdoors or with an outdoors reception if additional and / or heating is not  budgeted for and adequately provided. And nobody wants their big day to be spent missing a number of their nearest and dearest due to something as simple as overlooking outdoor or marquee heating.

A further portion of your guests who do not suffer an illness, condition and who are not elderly or particularly vulnerable to the cold are also likely to get cold feet simply at the thought of a winter wedding if you cannot assure them you can provide a decent level and amount of heating.

Meanwhile there will also always be a small number of gung-ho guests who turn up smiling and wearing summer dresses and chiffon, failing to consider the weather or just how cold it could get after a few hours spent in an unheated marquee, or worse an open air gazebo.

Heating a Marquee Used as Part as a Winter Wedding

For the reasons provide above, it is then really very important to provide marquees as well as outdoor spaces (when one is being used in which to hold a ceremony or reception during the winter months) with sufficient heating.

Fortunately, with winter weddings proving more popular in the UK in recent years than ever before, a number of companies now provide exactly that, such as Event Heat who are in fact ‘the South East’s premier event heating specialists and as such hire out as well as sell their heating equipment, making them the go to guys when planning a winter wedding – and heating one.

Warn Guests

It is also super important to pre-warn guests about the weather.

Whilst you cannot know exactly what it will be like come your big day and the invitations will of course feature the date, and so inform guests that it is a winter wedding, adding a note on invites reminding them to dress appropriately and assuring them that the marquee and outdoor areas will feature additional and adequate heating is still worth doing.

At the very least, this prepares and reminds guests to keep the season in which the wedding is taking place in mind when they shop for an outfit and as well reassures guests that they won’t be literally left out in the cold n your big day, which in turn minimises the risk of a poor turnout.

Heating Outside Areas Used as Part of a Winter Wedding

Further to ensuring a marquee, if you are making use of one, is adequately heated for your ceremony and / or reception, it is also well worth considering, budgeting for and investing in the addition of some outdoor heating.

Whether your ceremony is to be held outside or you would just like to provide an outdoor space for guests who want to get some fresh air, it is likely to make a far more enjoyable day and prevent your guests from thoughts of heading home early (or earlier) if you provide for them a pleasant and warm space in which they can sit, socialise and enjoy themselves despite being outside.

Two ways of achieving this that are both affordable and easy to organise are to either hire out and dot about a number of standard patio heaters such as those provided by the aptly named Patio Heater 4 Hire company or alternatively to turn to the equally descriptively named Fire Pits UK company.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Fire Pits UK provide hireable fire pits which are ideal for winter occasions such as weddings and which provide an alternative, magical and unusual means of creating a great camp fire atmosphere as well as keeping everyone warm and toasty, no matter how chilly it gets. Further, fire pits also create light as the day light wanes in the later hours of the day without flooding outside spaces with stark, flood light like lighting whilst the fire attracts the moths and the smoke repels other flying insects and nasties such as wasps.

Then, to speak with Fire Pits UK about supplying your winter wedding or to take a look at what it costs to hire their fire pits and what they can be used for as well as creating warmth (such as barbequing) head over to the Fire Pits UK website.

Turn Cold Feet into Warm Smiles

Last but not least, one way to melt the disapproving looks of the guests least impressed by the idea or reality of being at winter wedding held in the UK is to poke fun at the fact by providing guests with hand warmers as favours such as those personalised and sold via the Little Wedding Ideas website.

Additionally and another good idea is to fill some rustic baskets with a mix of scarves, gloves and blankets. Even if there is no actual need for these (and hopefully there won’t be), after a few drinks and once even the naysayers have defrosted a little the scarves and gloves often end up providing no end of entertainment, and some really fun memories and photos to post on Facebook and smile over in years to come.

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