Great Wedding Themes for an Awesome Wedding Day

Kian Brians May 26, 2017 Comments Off on Great Wedding Themes for an Awesome Wedding Day
Great Wedding Themes for an Awesome Wedding Day

While as a bride you may be looking forward to that day when you finally get to declare to the world, and especially those important to you who are gathered to watch, how much you love this person, planning for the day is another thing altogether. So much goes into the planning of a great wedding, no matter how big or small it is. Small details, such as whether to have cocktails before the dinner or not can sink this ship before it even sails.

Even a simple thing like deciding to have a night wedding complete with sparklers from your favorite shop, Sparklers Online, can add complications you can’t even begin to imagine. But you can pick an easy wedding theme, the kind that almost creates itself, if you just give it a bit of thought. Once the theme is in place, you can be sure getting the rest to fall into place will be as easy as falling into a giant pile of hay. Which, of course, leads us to the first theme, a country wedding.

Hayseed Heaven

It may be that one of you are from the country, and this theme would be a perfect way to acknowledge this. It may be that neither of you have spent much time in the country and so this would make it a different and for you two unique experience. But whether you love the country because it speaks to you of childhood memories and long cherished friendships, or you just have romantic ideas of it, this is a great wedding theme.

Finding the right place might be tough, but if you look through places like Airbnb or other bed and breakfast type websites, you will soon find that they are old hands at organizing weddings. Many bed and breakfast places in the country make their living, or at least a good chunk of it, from exactly this type of event. They may have a great old barn to host the dinner in, an orchard or beautiful old bower for saying those vows in and my guess is plenty of good old fashion home style cooking for your guests. Many hosts love to plan the wedding, for a small fee of course, because it means they have some control over how the event rolls out on their piece of property. You will probably also find that having them plan it is much cheaper then renting a location and hiring a skilled event planner. Plus, just breathe in that amazing country air!

Seaside Rendezvous

For those couples that love the sea, having the ceremony seaside couldn’t be better. I have two friends who met through surfing and their tables at the reception, on the beach of course, were old surfboards. But you don’t have to go that far to find a great theme in having your wedding by the sea.

Beaches are romantic locations, and they don’t have to be in Hawaii for that to feel like a honeymoon before the wedding vows have even been said. Plan on lots of seafood for dinners, more casual attire for the guests and of course plenty of great vistas to wow all your wedding attendees. I have found that if you are not originally from the coast, having a wedding on one brings all those aunties and uncles out for the wedding just to have an excuse to see the shore.


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