Make Your Wedding Reception Uniquely Yours

Kian Brians October 7, 2016 Comments Off on Make Your Wedding Reception Uniquely Yours
Make Your Wedding Reception Uniquely Yours

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You want it to be amazing, memorable, and unique. You don’t want to hear people talking about how the décor or the cake looks exactly like what they saw at a wedding they attended a month ago. That’s why you want to find something that makes your reception different. It should reflect your sense of style and your personality. Here are a few different things you can do to make your reception perfect and unique.

The Entrance

When you walk into the reception, the standard approach is for the DJ or the person you’ve appointed as your master of ceremonies to announce the wedding party, then the best man and maid of honour, and finally you and your newly married spouse. Instead of doing what’s expected, do something unique. Have a crazy song playing and dance your way in or have the groomsmen carry the bride in on their shoulders. Have fun with the first time you and your spouse enter a room as a married couple.

The Décor

Most wedding receptions have the same basic setup: round tables with a flower centrepiece. You don’t have to stick to that tradition. You don’t even have to use flowers if you don’t want to. What makes you and your spouse unique? If you both love reading or work in libraries, you could stack up some of your favourite books in the centre of the table. You could even give each table a theme by using books by the same author or in the same genre. Think of how you met or of an event that was important to your relationship and see how you can incorporate that event into your wedding reception in Sydney.


You can also bring your own unique touch to your wedding ceremony and reception by selecting colours that aren’t traditional. The bride doesn’t have to wear white and the groom doesn’t have to wear a traditional black tux. Likewise, you don’t have to limit yourself to two or three colours in your reception. You could do everything in one colour if you wanted or use a rainbow of colours.

The Music

Here’s another area where you can make your wedding reception all yours. It seems like there are some songs that are always played at weddings or that have become popular options for the first dance. You can throw all of those out if you like. This is your day and your reception, so dance or don’t dance to what you want. You don’t even have to have music or dancing if you don’t want to!

The Cake

The traditional tiered, white wedding cake has slowly been replaced with other trends, so don’t be afraid to have something different. Many people have started having cupcakes at their reception. Others have several small cakes that are different flavours instead of one large cake. Some even get rid of the cake completely and serve pie or cookies.

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