What a Difference Sparkler Length Can Make

Kian Brians January 21, 2017 Comments Off on What a Difference Sparkler Length Can Make
What a Difference Sparkler Length Can Make

Buying sparklers you’re your wedding is a popular concept these days, but there are a lot of different options that can make it confusing for normal couples. If you happen to be a wedding planner, you’ve probably used sparklers at enough weddings to know the difference between the various lengths that are available. For the rest of us, here are the key differences for each one so you can make an informed decision when you decide to start shopping for them.

10 Inches Long

As the shortest option available, 10 inch wedding sparklers are perfect if you want to give your guests something to do during the reception without spending much money. 10 inch sparklers are only about a nickel each, so you can easily afford them no matter how tight your budget constraints are. The 10 inch version should really only be consider if you’re trying to save money on your wedding because they aren’t very practical overall. They only burn for about 30 seconds, so your guests will need to light several of them unless you just want them to be used for a quick moment of fun during your reception.

20 Inches Long

By far the most popular size available is the 20 inch wedding sparklers because they burn for about a minute and a half and are only about fifteen cents for each sparkler. The longer burn time compared to the 10 inch version makes them suitable for more activities as well as for taking group photos when a longer duration is necessary. 20 inch sparklers will work for most couples, but if you need them to burn for longer than a minute and a half you’ll want to go larger. An example of such a scenario would be if you want to use them during your grand exit since a minute and a half is dreadfully short for that application.

36 Inches Long

If you want the largest and longest lasting option available, then you should consider buying 36 inch wedding sparklers for sure. They are the best choice if you want to use sparklers during your grand exit since they last around 4 minutes each. That will prevent your guests from needing to fumble around lighting several shorter sparklers since it usually takes a minute or two for everyone to get into place and light their sparklers. 4 minutes should be plenty of time for them to get their sparklers, light them, and get into place so you and your partner can do your grand exit complete with a sparkling tunnel.

Though the main differences between each length of wedding sparkler will be the amount of time that they burn, you can easily see that their burn duration makes each length appropriate for certain things. If you want something really inexpensive, you buy the 10 inch version. If you want something affordable that will last a bit longer, you buy the 20 inch version. If you will be using them for a grand exit, you buy the 36 inch version. By following this simple formula, you can easily see what the length of your sparklers does for each intended activity.

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