5 Tips for Choosing a First-Class Wedding Photographer

Kian Brians January 28, 2018 Comments Off on 5 Tips for Choosing a First-Class Wedding Photographer
5 Tips for Choosing a First-Class Wedding Photographer

Everyone knows that hiring a wedding photographer is an essential part of the whole planning process, to ensure you capture every precious moment, you’ll need an individual who has plenty of experience. It can be challenging trying to pick a photographer who really matches your taste, and even more difficult to choose someone you can trust.

  • Choose a Style

When speaking to a photographer, you should have a clear picture in your head of the type of style you’d like your wedding images to be in, would you like your big day captured using images shot with film, which have a soft, almost organic feel to them, or would you prefer a classic look. Classic images stand the test of time, they’re formal, captivating, and perfectly reflect the reality of your event. You should know exactly what you want before you hire a photographer.

  • Social Media

One word, Instagram! This social media site is excellent for finding first-class photographers, you’ll instantly get a feel for their work and it will help you to source competent wedding specialists in your area. There are several exceptional wedding photographers in Sydney who display their work online, using platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to advertise their portfolios. The Internet quickly opens up a pool of amazing individuals who you may have never known existed, and you may just find that perfect match.

  • Word of Mouth

One of the most tried and tested methods that rarely lets you down, ask friends and family, somebody may have some information on wedding photographers that they could pass on to you. With the advent of social media, asking relatives or friends can be done with a simple multi-recipient message on Facebook, or WhatsApp. You don’t have to wait and speak to them face to face, just get the word out online, and wait for a response.

  • Understand the Cost

You’ll notice that most photographers don’t post the cost of their services online, so you’ll have to discuss this in private if you want to find out how much everything is going to cost to cover your whole wedding day. One way of gauging them is to view their work online, if their Instagram is packed with exclusive wedding destination and images of spectacular country clubs, you can assume that their price range will be somewhere near the high end of the scale.

  • Analyse Their Work

Before hiring a photographer, it is advisable to review their work. You’ll want to assess their previous jobs to see whether they provide a high-standard of service. Ask to view their scrapbook, it will give you an idea of how they shoot from start to finish.

Finding the right candidate doesn’t have to be such a daunting task, stick to a formula and take some time out of your daily routine to search for potential photographers. It is important to do this as soon as possible, the last thing you want to be doing is searching for a wedding photographer to close to your big day.

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