5 Wedding Gown Cleaning Mistakes People Make That Cost Them A Fortune

Warren Brown April 21, 2014 Comments Off on 5 Wedding Gown Cleaning Mistakes People Make That Cost Them A Fortune
5 Wedding Gown Cleaning Mistakes People Make That Cost Them A Fortune

Are you a bride to be with your big day on the horizon? Despite months of appointments to have your gown perfectly tailored to your requirements, things can still go wrong on your wedding day. You want your wedding gown to remain as a perfect memento that you keep for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, accidents happen and professional cleaning is required. If you are intent on preserving your wedding gown after your wedding ceremony, here are five cleanings mistakes people make that cost them a fortune.

1. Not Checking The Care Instructions

Whether you had your dress custom designed or bought an off-the-rack dress from a boutique, you must ask the original supplier how the dress should be cared for. Some dresses have glue that will easily melted during dry cleaning. Some dresses have delicate sequins or trim that will be damaged by some cleaning methods. Therefore, the first mistake to avoid making is failing to ask the people who sold you the dress about the care instructions. This mistake could cost you a fortune in paying for your damaged dress to be repaired.

2. Not Cleaning The Dress Prior To Storage

It is very common for brides to store their dresses in acid-free boxes. Most dry cleaners offer a dress preservation service where they clean and store the dress in a box. Often the box has a clear plastic window so that the dress can be viewed without the box having to opened. Some brides try to do thesethings by themselves and think that their dress is not dirty. You must avoid the mistake of failing to clean your dress prior to storage. Always clean your dress even if it doesn’t look dirty. If you store a worn dress, the sweat, moisture and particles will cause mold and mildew to grow during storage, costing a fortune to put clean and repair.

3. Not Storing The Dress In An Acid-Free Box

Dress preservation services are expensive because they use an acid-free box. This greatly diminishes the chances of the dress discoloring or yellowing during storage. Some brides try to cut corners on the process by storing their dress in a standard box, not one designed to hold a dress. Wedding gowns have delicate trim, beads and sequins that will not store well in a regular cardboard box. It will cost you a fortune to try to repair a discolored dress.

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4. Not Using A Window Box

Although they cost more, boxes with clear windows on them can save you a fortune. Storing your dress in a windowless box is a mistake that can cost you a fortune. Without a window, you may be tempted to repeatedly open and close the box. This allows air and contaminants to enter the box and ruin your dress. Correcting this type of damage will cost a lot of money in repairs. Always choose a window box and save a fortune.

5. Not Reading The Care Label

According to the Federal Trade Commission, all wedding gowns should have a care label. If you make the mistake of failing to read this label, it will cost you a fortune. For instance, some designers use an adhesive that could dissolve during the dry cleaning process. This information will be written on the care label and ignoring this will cost you a fortune in dress repairs.

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According to a firm of wedding gown cleaners in Chicago, these are the five most common wedding gown cleaning mistakes that people make. Avoid these tips to save yourself a fortune. Leave us a comment or question below!

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