Planning Your Bali Destination Wedding

Kian Brians September 7, 2017 Comments Off on Planning Your Bali Destination Wedding
Planning Your Bali Destination Wedding

So you got engaged? Congratulations! This is a magical, exciting and colourful time of your life to be enjoyed no doubt… until the stress of wedding planning begins to kick in. Whether you are a Bridezilla or more the last-minute planning type, it does not matter. After all, this is your big day and you want everything to go (understandably) perfect. There is so much to be done in what seems to be so little time. How can you make it the magical day you always dreamed about without losing your mind in the process? Well, if you have heard of the term yet not given it much thought before, now would be a good time to consider it: Destination wedding. And a great spot for it? Bali of course!

Why Bali?

Bali is one of those mystical, paradise spots that you read about in books and see in movies yet exists in real life. It is the perfect blend of relaxation, charm and energy,all characteristics that only an island can have. In fact, over the last few years this spot has attracted thousands of tourists all around the world for leisure, business and of course, weddings. Capitalising on the opportunities, hundreds of hotels around the island now offer wedding packages to suit different needs.

Accommodation for Guests

Your friends and family near and dear will by flying long distances, taking time off work and spending money to be with you on your special day. The least you can do is ensure that they are well taken care of. A good way to do this is by getting together with your planner and speaking to villas in Seminyak which are quite popular for this sort of thing, and negotiating a discounted rate. As they will be entertaining many guests and bringing in a lot of revenue collectively, they are generally happy to accommodate such requests. This also means your guests get a chance to enjoy a beautiful location at a lower cost. You need to send them booking forms in advance so they can fill them for reservation.

Wedding Planner?

Another question you will want to ask yourself is do you want a planner? Hiring a planner from Bali itself could prove to be extremely useful and will not cost all that much. They will know the ins and outs of different wedding spots and can work with you to decide what sort of setting you want. Do you want opulent grandeur? Simple beach wedding? Rustic, earthy themed ceremony? What about making the necessary bookings and enquiring about people to officiate the wedding? Between running around for dress fittings, bridal showers and the groom’s necessities, you will probably not have enough time to get everything done. In which case, a planner especially for a destination wedding is a great idea!


Weddings on their own can cost quite a pretty penny so you can bet that a destination wedding is definitely going to drain the account. You should first make sure you have the finances required to execute this whole plan. After all, you do not want people to take time off their lives to be with you only to have a horrible time do you? You will need to send them invitations as well and a customised itinerary which includes all the things they can do in Bali. As the bride, it is your responsibility to ensure everyone has a memorable time.Only once you are thoroughly comfortable with the expenses, should you decide to go ahead.

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