Right Catering Menu for Wedding – How to Choose?

Kian Brians June 15, 2018 Comments Off on Right Catering Menu for Wedding – How to Choose?
Right Catering Menu for Wedding – How to Choose?

Success of any wedding reception largely depends upon the kind of menu served to the guests so that they can remember the event for a very long time. How do you manage the event so that it is within your budget?

When selecting the menu most of the couples try to accommodate the choice of most of the guests and consider various dietary restrictions due to allergies or because of religion and faith. Nowadays, most of the people are allergic to some foods therefore selection of foods need to be done with careful consideration. You can choose BBQ catering as many people nowadays prefer such menu styles.

Following few points need to be remembered while selecting the menu.

  • Set your budget

No event can be planned without deciding the budget and that is the starting point for any kind of menu planning. Any wedding ceremony is an expensive event and therefore you must decide how much can you afford to spend for the event. While choosing the kind of food that you want during the occasion will be dictated by what budget you have.

You must choose your list of starters, appetizers, desserts, main course, drinks etc. There is always a choice for all these and your budget will decide up to what extent you can select your item.

  • Choose few options

Sometimes couple feel offering too many options can be a better idea and guests can choose according to their taste, however it has been generally observed that by providing too many options your expense rises unnecessarily and also there is a lot of wastage. Therefore, for main course and appetizer provide few options that are liked by a majority of people. You can opt for chicken, beef and fish which will cover maximum guests and choose few vegetables so that vegetarians also have their choice. Remember you cannot make each and everyone happy.

  • Wine and drinks

Though most couples prefer to choose the drinks of their own choice however since you are calling many guests therefore you need to consider about the likings of a majority of the guests. The best thing for the wedding day would be that the couple stay away from any alcoholic drink but let the guests enjoy different drinks.

Selection of right catering service is also very important. Choose the catering service who have expertise in serving for wedding occasions so that they understand how to manage the supply during the occasion.

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