Three Must Haves for a Magical Night Wedding

Kian Brians June 9, 2017 Comments Off on Three Must Haves for a Magical Night Wedding
Three Must Haves for a Magical Night Wedding

While we can all agree that there are few things as magically romantic as a wedding, for some of us who love the night, it has to be a night wedding or no ceremony at all. I love the very idea of a night wedding, with its mystery of the dark and the romantic relationship between love and the night.

 But as can be expected, there are easy ways to make a night wedding sing and really reflect the magic of a time to pledge your love and there are ways to just let everyone down. So, rather than go for the latter, let’s look at some really cool things to include on this magical night that will make that wedding a night to remember, for all the right reasons.

You Gotta Have Sparklers

Yes, we pretty much think of patriotic events when we think of sparklers, but they can be so much more! Even with the childish associations of sparklers and celebrating the Fourth of July with your parents as a kid, you have to admit they are pretty cool. Even better, these days you can go to sites like and see all kinds of really cool sparklers.

With them you can write you name, wave around like an idiot and just in general have fun while celebrating a night wedding. These bigger than normal sparklers are made for grown-up fun and what better place for them then when you stand in the dark and say “I Do”.

Starry Night of Romance

If you have ever cruised the wedding planner’s bible, Pinterest, then you know that weddings at night just cry out for big tents filled with tiny while lights. They shine like a make-believe sky of stars, add a sparkle few things can match and are just plain so very romantic. If you really want to have a fun romantic wedding tent, you can make those little guys do even more by mixing in some colored lights with the white ones.

Imagine a tent of tiny blue lights, complete with blue sparklers and lanterns and you get the picture. But you have to find a way to include those little white lights from our memories of Christmas to make this night wedding even more special.

Flames of Romance

If you are looking for a way to liven things up for that wedding at night, how about a Hawaiian theme that includes those big Tiki torches and lots of flames in big caldrons for atmosphere? I think that any kind of live fire at a night wedding is romantic and there are a number of ways you can incorporate this into your theme.

Doing a beach theme for the wedding? How about beachside fire pits to add to the night time atmosphere? Or you can create a false fireplace that the wedding party sits by when toasting to their new life. All in all, there are plenty of ways to introduce fire or something that resembles fire into a night time wedding theme. It is primal, like love, and demands attention. What could be more appropriate then that?

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