What Type of Photographer Are You?

Kian Brians October 13, 2015 Comments Off on What Type of Photographer Are You?
What Type of Photographer Are You?

When starting a photography business, it is important to choose a type that fits your personality, equipment and ideal work environment. Three different options include landscape, studio and wedding photography.

Do you like spending time alone, searching for the perfect scene and working outdoors?

Landscape photography might be a good fit for you. Landscape photographers need to know how to use polarizing filters to reduce glare and reflections and to intensify color, saturation and contrast. Using the principles of depth of field will also be important. You will need to be able to judge whether the entire image should be sharp or if it’d be better to emphasize one area while de-emphasizing another. You’ll also need to be willing to work early mornings and evenings in order to get the best natural lighting for your photos.

Landscape photographers

Do you prefer schedules, repetition and working with people?

You might be better suited to studio photography. Studio photographers need to invest in key, fill, hair and background lights. They also need backgrounds and light reflectors. Studio photographers enjoy scheduled sessions, working in their own space, using the same techniques and equipment for each session and meeting new people.

Do you work well under pressure and like spontaneity, working in diverse environments and meeting lots of new people?

Then becoming a wedding photographer might be perfect for you. Wedding photographers need to be prepared for anything. They must enjoy challenges and be able to work in high-stress environments. They need to have the equipment and expertise for both landscape and studio photography. They also need to be bold when it comes to getting the best shot and yet not interfere with the ceremony. Wedding photography can pay very well, but it is also seasonal. For some inspiration see some Northamptonshire wedding photos.

wedding photographer

A typical day for each photographer varies greatly. A landscape photographer might hike to a remote area, find the perfect scene and then wait for evening or morning to capture it. They might also travel in order to find different subjects. A studio photographer will typically book regular appointment hours and need only go to the studio to find the perfect shot. A typical day would include taking the same type of photos all day, but of different subjects. Lastly, a wedding photographer will work indoors and outdoors and with many different groups of people. Most of their work is done during the summer.

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